One More!

We’ve got one more entry! This one’s from Valerie Gonzalez.

The Images (thus far)

Here is  Isiah Mabansag‘s header image.


Here is RyunHee Kim‘s header image, and she even made an icon!



Here is Christa Weston‘s header image.


Comment on the images, help the artists, and lets make Project Infinity 2’s banner 10x better than last years!

More Images

We now have 2 more graphics (and even the little URL graphic) thanks to Isiah Mabansag and RyunHee Kim. If there are any more graphic designers working on images, send an email to and let me know. Otherwise, I’ll start posting the images we have so far so you guys can check them out (it is your game, after all), and then we’ll vote on the image that will take the Project Infinity header spot. Keep up the work guys!

New Group!

Project Infinity 2 has just gotten its first group, RHS Global Perspective, a group that sets out to start up a news service collaboration site for the class (and anyone interested). It’s going to include a wide variety of news sources, from multiple countries, and will try to show a global perspective on events happening in the world. They’ve already been updated on the contestants and leaderboard pages. Now who else wants to enter the competition?!

Graphic Designers

Attention Graphic Designers! We’ve already got a graphic up and ready (24 hours later, that is awesome!), but I haven’t posted it as the header just yet. And it’s for a good reason! I’ll put the images up through posts, where you guys can comment and critique, and even inspire the artists. When we’ve got most of the graphics in, we’ll take a little vote to see whose graphic deserves the top spot on Project Infinity‘s home page.

A little bit of technical talk for the Graphic Designers: the header image (which would go where the title and tagline are on the top of the page) is 940×200 (pixels). And, if you’re interested, that image that shows up on the left side of the URL in your browser (the tiny one in the web address bar) is 64×64, and I think Project Infinity would look nice with a custom image. Its up to you to design what you think it should look like!

And shout out to Christa Weston for making the first graphic! It definitely net you points.

Welcome everyone!

I see that there have been a few more visitors here. Welcome to the home page of the game! Here you can see updates on the right, new posts right here in the center, and up at the top you can click on any of the pages to see your leaderboard. You might want to head on over to Click Here First to get an idea of how the game works. And remember, the way you get points in Project Infinity is by tribute. Anything you think is point-worthy, whether you did it yourself or you think a friend deserved the points, should get sent to

with an example, the reason why, screen shots, copy/pastes, a physical artifact, ANYTHING that helps with understanding why it’s point-worthy. (Most of what you do will be, so go ahead and get the game started!)

Project Infinity 2.0

You have entered the arena now, either as a group or as an individual, and are (hopefully) prepared to compete against only the most cunning and intelligent of your classmates. Or something. If you haven’t already, check out the scoring system to know what you’ll be getting points for. Coordinate with your teams, and prepare your material, because its only a matter of time before the battle gets fierce.